Dalia leverages 1st party machine-learning algorithms to find qualified audiences

We harness the app economy and advanced data science to distribute millions of micro-surveys worldwide to gather and analyse real-time data on consumer attitudes, public opinion, and market trends.

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Survey respondents are sourced in real-time through a network of over 40 thousand mobile apps and websites.
Users are dynamically profiled across key demographic, psychographic and behavioural attributes.
Machine-learning algorithms analyse active and passive data to generate a quality and trust score for each user.
An audience attribution engine matches qualified users to a survey targeting their profile.
Users are offered a reward to complete a survey (e.g. access to premium content, prepaid gift cards, virtual currencies).
Respondents feel engaged and accomplished as a result of completing surveys that are within their interests.

Respondents complete surveys within native content environments

How It Works (Step 1)
User starts by visiting an app (e.g. LINE*)
How It Works (Step 2)
User needs LINE points to access content
How It Works (Step 3)
User can select Dalia’s survey to get points
How It Works (Step 4)
User completes survey and receives reward.

* LINE is a messaging app that has over 250 million monthly active users as of 2018.

Essential Brand Funnel

Brand Awareness
Have people heard of your brand?

Brand Consideration
Do consumers consider using your brand in the future?

Brand Usage
Have people been using your brand?

What are the professional features?

Brand Values
What values do consumers associate with your brand?

Brand Buzz
Have consumers perceived your brand positively or negatively in the last 4 weeks?

Ad Awareness
Have your ads reached your audience?

Ad Channels
Which ad channels are most effective?

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