BrandTracker FAQ

Answers to some of the most common questions asked about brand tracking.

What is Brand Tracking?

While there is no cut and dry definition for brand tracking, we see it as the process of measuring changes in brand health over a period of time, which helps to quantify the brand-related return-on-investment and improve decision making that keeps your brand healthy.

Brand tracking is usually done by surveying consumers and asking them for their opinions regarding the brand. We collaborate with dozens of companies and, above all, most want to know how aware consumers are of their brand and whether they have bought or plan to buy their product.

Though surveys can be conducted through various channels, we at Dalia have found that mobile surveys are the fastest and most engaging channel. They also tend to deliver the best results.

What does BrandTracker track?

The BrandTracker standard survey is setup to cover what is most important for Brand Managers around the world. This includes Brand Awareness, Brand Purchase, Purchase Intention, Ad Awareness and Buzz:

Brand awareness: This is a measure of consumers’ ability to recognise the brand. In a survey, this can take the form of aided or unaided awareness. Unaided awareness is a measure of brand familiarity without a prompt, while aided awareness usually involves a list of brands for the respondent to choose from. Brand awareness is a critical element of your brand development and a key driver behind great brands’ success.

Brand usage: This is a measure of how frequently consumers buy your brand’s products or services and whether they are buying from your competitors. Measuring brand usage can help you assess your brand’s position and brand health, as well as fight competition.

Purchase intent: We find understanding whether consumers are planning on purchasing your product or service is a vital aspect of brand tracking. This is a metric that works great in parallel with advertising campaigns, as measuring purchase intent before and after is a good performance indicator.

Dalia’s BrandTracker product tracks these 3 metrics and typically 4–5 more, which in combination allow for thorough tracking of a brand’s health.

Can I ask custom questions?

We set up BrandTracker in a way that makes it as easy as possible for you. We defined a set of standard questions (4 in Lean, 7 in Pro) that cover what is most important for brand managers around the world.

However, we know that for some brands additional data points are required and e.g. brand awareness and brand buzz are not sufficient. BrandTracker is designed to cater for such custom questions and we would be happy to advise you before we launch. 

Additional questions are 200€ / question per wave and can be set up before launch. Once the survey is live we prefer to maintain the questions as they are, as BrandTracker derives great value from monthly tracking. If necessary, changes can be made for a fee.

How often do I get data?

We believe in the power of frequent insights that enable companies to actively steer their branding activities. Therefore, BrandTracker delivers up-to-date data once a month. Our goal is to deliver this in real-time in the future. 

Which countries do you serve?

We can offer BrandTracker in more than 100 countries, that represent more than 75% of the global population. Just reach out to clarify your specific request and we can check availability easily.

Can I see data of my competitors?

When it comes to brands, competition is always stiff. BrandTracker enables you to continuously track how you fare against the competition! Did their latest campaign perform better than your or do you leave them behind? BrandTracker helps you to find out.

How can you offer this service at such a low price point?

We started BrandTracker with the ambition to make Brand Tracking accessible to smaller companies with less budget. Building on the Dalia engine for opinion and market research, we are able to deliver agency quality insights for a fraction of the cost. Our dashboard enables you to do the analysis – which helps us to save money on the researcher-budget.

Can competitors see my data?

We protect the data that we collect for you. Since BrandTracker enables you to see data of your competitors, your competitors are also able to see your data, when they add your company in the list of companies they want to compare their Brand Health with. It might be recommended to keep BrandTracker as your secret sauce. 😉

What if I do not know anything about market research?

BrandTracker is made for you. Our off-the-shelf questionnaire is prepared and ready to start. Just select the information you are interested in – and the rest is done already. Just check our questions repository for an impression of what we do.