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your core brand KPIs and track progress

  • How many people know my brand?
  • Which demographics want to buy from us?
  • What do they associate our brand with?


what works

  • Are we making progress with our brand?
  • Which campaigns & channels work best?
  • How do we fare against our competitors?


your brand marketing strategy

  • Share insights with your organisation
  • Focus on the things that have any impact
  • Prove brand contribution to bottom line
BrandTracker Brand Awareness

Real people.
Real answers.

We use a proven and battle-tested questionnaire to collect brand insights for you and your competitors.

We focus on essential insights and foster data quality through short and user-friendly surveys

We survey your audience in a cycle that works for you, be it monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly

Essential Brand Insights

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Countries, competitors & audience


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What do they say about BrandTracker?

Our clients ♥️ BrandTracker

“BrandTracker is a game changer for us and has provided us with invaluable insights about the market space, our customers and how they perceive us. The value for money is unheard of in this space.”

Markus, Head of MarketingEinhorn, Consumer Goods, Berlin

“We operate in numerous extremely competitive and fast-paced markets. Tracking our brand and how we fare against disruptors and incumbents is vital to our local strategy. Now BrandTracker is delivering that insight at a price that we can afford for the very first time.”

Charlotte, Head of Performance MarketingLamudi, Online marketplace for housing, Berlin

“We were looking for an alternative for the big research institutes. Dalia is providing consumer insights fast and straight-forward for a reasonable price. Worth to test it also for small brands.”

Sigrid Bachert, General ManagerThomas Henry, F&B Industry, United Kingdom